SKU: SM-P2000-S200R

SIMAGIC P2000-R Hydraulic Pedals – 200kg sensor

The P2000 is the first Simagic hydraulic pedal set capable of reproducing the sensations of a real racing car with extreme fidelity. Thanks to the hydraulic piston combined with an elastomer / spring system you will be able to perceive in a crystalline way the friction caused by the brake discs. Every impulse generated by the driver will be perceived with millimeter precision thanks to the 3 load cells on each pedal.

Enter in competitive Sim Racing with the Simagic P2000 pedal board. Thanks to the collaboration of some motorsport engineers, new proprietary technologies have been implemented that combine the best pedal simulation systems available on the market.

The final result will allow you to improve your lap times thanks to an advanced precision and an excellent feeling with the pedal, both in terms of adjustments and sensation under the foot.

850.00 (συμπ. ΦΠΑ)

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Σε απόθεμα


CNC machined aluminum structure
Adjustable hydraulic conduction damping adjustment
Stroke length adjustment
Compression resistance adjustment
Dedicated load cell for unprecedented accuracy
GT pedal

CNC machined aluminum structure
Hydraulic system capable of reproducing the sensation deriving from the brake disc of a racing car
2 stages for adjusting the pedal pressure
Create customized combinations both in release and in braking
4 springs included interchangeable with elastomers, ideal for recreating the best feeling
Hardness adjustment
Load cell of your choice of 100 kg for excellent braking precision

CNC machined aluminum structure
Complete silent supporting structure
3 springs of different intensity included
Strength of the detachment point adjustable in resistance
Dedicated load cell for high accuracy
Load cell to be chosen between 100 or 200 Kg for maximum braking precision

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