SIMAGIC P1000i inverted (P-HYSi) Hydraulic add-on

199.00 (συμπ. ΦΠΑ)

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Simagic P1000i inverted (P-HYSi) Hydraulic add-on

A brand new Hydraulic System for the P1000i

This kit is used to upgrade the SIMAGIC P1000 pedals to a hydraulic brake system. It replaces the standard pressure pad stack system with a combination of hydraulic / pressure pad stack / restrictor system. This kit is to upgrade a P1000 pedal set. “Developed exclusively by SIMAGIC race engineers. The all-new P-HYS series Hydraulic Brake System faithfully recreates the feel of a real race car’s braking system. Better feel, With even better performance. Discover new levels of drivability.”


CNC machined aluminum

Compatibility : 
P1000i (inverted)

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