SIMAGIC P1000 Hydraulic Throttle System add-on

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P1000 P-HTS Hydraulic Throttle System add-on


The secret to perfect corner exits

This kit is used to upgrade the SIMAGIC P1000 Throttle pedal to a hydraulic Throttle system.  This kit is to upgrade a P1000 pedal set.
6-step adjustable damper : Precisely adjust the damper to your liking. Enjoy a more realistic driving experience
Quick Release structure : Unique quick-release design for easy assembly. Now even your pedals have a quick-release system!
High-fidelity graphite copper connector : Utilizes graphite copper for increased wear resistance. Maintains stability under long durations of use.

INVERTED PEDAL SUPPORT : Versatile design, allows for inverted pedal installation. Realism has no bounds

CNC machined aluminum

Compatibility : All P1000

P-HTS Installation Tutorial

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