SIMAGIC Loadcell Handbrake TB-1

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Simagic new handbrake is now released!

Full metal construction: Precision CNC Machining produces a solid structure that ensures excellent performance even under high loads.

Dual mode switching: Dual mode lever allows to quickly switch between street racing and track racing.

2-stage resistance system: The 2-stage design simulates the resistance of a real car handbrake.

Convenient adjustability: customized rubber compounds increase fatigue resistance and provide long lasting elasticity. Disassembly is simple, allowing the user to quickly swap out rubbers based on their preference.

Load cell sensor: an advanced high-precision load cell sensor simulates a real race car and measures forces up to 100kg accurately.

Multiple installation methods: side mounting can be achieved with the optional L-plate bracket, sold separately.

Go beyond TB-1: plug and play via Type-C USB socket, equipped with a removable 22mm diameter handle, compatible with third-party handle replacements.

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