SIMAGIC GTS Wheel – Alcantara

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Simagic GT Sport
The all-in-one solution for every motorsport!

The sporty, lightweight and versatile 300mm GTS wheel gives you complete control.
Half stitching technique reduces discomfort caused from long-term use, become one with your vehicle and immerse yourself.

Race grade magnesium-aluminium alloy casting – lightweight and robust.
Two types of grip materials to choose from:
Leather grips with special anti-slip, sweat-proof, coating
Alcantara grip for more precise control during intense driving.

Rally, track, drift, formula, truck, … The GTS covers all your racing needs.

7 customable RGB buttons. Patented soft glow rev light, distinct and dynamic. Featuring 9 LEDs, customize your own RPM gauge.

Patented HALL paddle module designed for crisp shifting, precise activation and durability.
Adjustable paddles allow telescopic and distance adjustments.

Two 7-way-multi-position switches and 2 rotary encoder buttons that minimize travel while maximizing tactile feedback.

Patented easy-to-apply button cap stickers. 128 patterns to create your own exclusive GTS-wheel.

Tech Specs
Magnesium-aluminium Alloy
Available in leahter and alcantara
Versatile wheel
300mm wheel
1,45kg lightweight
HALL paddle module
Customizable RGB buttons
Simagic Quick Release 50mm included
Soft glow rev light
7 customizable RGB buttons
2 rotary encoder buttons (Pressable)
Two 7-way Multi-position Rotary Switch

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