SIMAGIC GTC Steering Wheel | Shifter & Clutch Paddles| Alcantara

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Simagic GTC-C Steering Wheel Alcantara Version

For the Best GT Racing Experience Possible, the GTC wheel is made of CNC anodized aluminum, accompanied by Genuine Alcantara grips.
The HUB is made of Carbon Fiber and CNC machined aluminum.
The entire structure is robust, durable, and flex free, offering no compromises when it comes to you being faster.


Tech specs :

325mm Aluminum Cut-Off Top rim
1850g CNC Aluminum Wheel
Alcantara Grips
8 customizable RGB buttons
2 rotary encoders for thumb on the sides for easy access
2 RGB ABS/TC encoders
2 rotary encoders buttons
RGB colors and brightness are configurable from the software: SimPro Manager
Magnetic paddles
Dual clutch (bitpoint configurable)
Standard steering wheel center distance 70mm
Sticker board to customize your wheel

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