SIMAGIC GT1 D Wheel – Alcantara

Simagic GT1-SD is the perfect wheel for GT and Touring Cars virtual competition in the simracing world. The wheel has an extremely sturdy quick release system that is commonly found on real-world competition cars, making changes between your road or race car and your sim entirely possible!

440.00 (συμπ. ΦΠΑ)

Σε απόθεμα

Σε απόθεμα


D shape steering rim (diameter: 300 mm.)
Custom made carbon fibre + aluminum panel
High grip handle with high quality alcantara coating
4x push buttons
2x toggle switch
2x rotary encoders
Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw

Multifunctional HUB
Define a personalized game scene
High-end custom 12-end adjustment damping knob, giving a more realistic driving feel

Racing simulation feel
Magnetic photosensitive paddle system
SIAMGIC independently designed a highly simulated magnetic light-sensitive shift paddle, which is derived from the top racing paddle structure; the built-in optical sensor module can quickly and accurately map every moment of the paddle shift parameters to the control software parameter page. And driving

Wireless transmission
Disconnect cable integration
Using wireless power supply + built-in 2.4G communication technology, the industry’s first built-in multiple wireless modules for data transmission, eliminating the complex integration of multiple cables

Quick release system
Independent integrated design
The steering wheel is equipped with SIMAGIC’s self-designed quick release, inspired by the quick release system of real racing cars, breaking the boundary between simulation and reality; simple and unified design, reducing the cumbersome integration of a variety of wires; fool-style extremely fast plugging and unplugging, and the contacts connect the base and the steering wheel. Quick disassembly and assembly without any tools

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