SIMAGIC FX Steering Wheel | Carbon Fiber | Shifter & Clutch Paddles

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The new Simagic FX wheel – Racing to extreme, born to provide the ultimate formula racing experience!

Co-developed with formula racers and engineers

290mm carbon fiber wheel with formula button layout

Next Gen Software: SimPro Manager. Customize your own formula racing experience

5 mm high-quality carbon fiber plate makes the wheel durable, rigid and light-weight

Light weight wheel body: 1500g. The reduced rotational mass gives a greater feeling of road details

Ergonomic silicone grips with a special anti-slip, sweat-proof, coating provides comfort durability and most of all, confidence

4 thumb encoders take control of your car in an instant

Next gen button design minimizes travel while maximizing tactile feedback

One multi-fuction RGB light, aka Simagic S-Ray. Configure a RAY that suits you best

12 customizable RGB buttons, 4 thumb encoders, 3 rotary encoder buttons, 1 multi-position switch

Patented HALL paddle module designed for crisp shifting, precise activation and durability

Patented soft glow LED lights. Everey RGB light is adjustable, clear and non-intrusive

Patented next gen button design minimizes travel while maximizing tactile feedback

Patented button cap stickers that are ease to apply

To access the durability of the new buttons, Simagic has applied Accelerated Aging Tests to simulate real-life usage of over 1 million engagements. No failures have been found

The wheel has passed multiple, long term, Fatique tests like exerting excessive force on the wheel under strenuous conditions when driving. No warping or deformation has been caused by the intense usage

50mm Simagic Quick Release


Simagic FX Formula Clutch

Simagic FX Formula Extreme

Simagic FX Formula Extreme layout

Simagic FX Formula Extreme

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