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QUBIC SYSTEM QS-210 Motion System – 3DOF Set

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Motion-Systems Qubic System – QS-210 Motion System – 3DOF Set

About QS-210

The 3DoF motion system QS-210 was developed as a more compact version of the Qubic System QS-220 linear actuators for industrial use. This 3DoF motion system is linear, efficient, easy to connect and requires no maintenance. The motion system has the same characteristics as the linear actuators used in the Qubic System Motion Cockpits, in particular low latency and real-time vibrations. Designed specifically for dedicated sim racers and drivers, the QS-210 motion system includes additional mounts that allow the actuators to be installed into the most popular aluminum profile cockpits on the global market.

Automotive-grade performance for your racing simulation experience – made in Poland

The QS-210 3DoF motion system is a high-end motion system designed for an ultra-realistic racing simulation experience. It features advanced haptic feedback technology that provides precise force feedback and enhances the feeling of immersion. The system comes with dedicated software for customization and frequent updates, making it a favorite among sim racing enthusiasts.

QubicManager software is free and developed in-house by Motion Systems engineers. QS-210 utilizes the washout filter approach to signal processing and motion control to achieve the next level of immersive driving experience. Every bump, road structure, braking, acceleration and vehicle movement is captured and reproduced within 60mm of the available actuator stroke. Qubic System’s products are fully supported, allowing users to keep up with the latest developments in racing simulation technology.

60 mm actuator stroke – realism and immersion of the simulation

In simulation racing, actuator stroke refers to the range of motion or travel that a motion actuator or motion platform can perform. Motion actuators are devices commonly used in racing simulations to provide physical feedback and simulate the sensations of acceleration, braking, cornering, and other movements experienced when driving in the real world.

The stroke of the actuator determines how far and in which direction the motion platform or seat can move. He can e.g. B. refers to the maximum distance that the seat moves forward and back, tilts to the side or tilts up and down. Stroke length may vary depending on the motion platform or simulator hardware used. Sufficient actuator stroke is important in racing simulations as it directly affects the realism and immersion of the simulation. A 60 mm/2.36 inch stroke allows for a greater range of motion and a more accurate representation of the forces encountered in a real vehicle. This can make the simulator driving experience feel more authentic and responsive, improving the overall experience for the simulator driver.

Plug & Play – simple and hassle-free setup procedure

Installing the qs-210 motion system is exceptionally easy. Attaching the four actuators to your aluminum cockpit is child’s play thanks to the included brackets. To simplify the process even further, you can download the free Qubic Manager software with just one click and easily configure the system to your liking using the step-by-step instructions. The motion system only requires a power supply of 115/230 volts. You’ll be ready to race excitingly in no time.

More stability – precision and individualization in sim racing

The qs-210 3dof Motion Set is equipped with special mounts that enable precise adjustment to the respective racing experience. These adaptable mounts seamlessly integrate the actuators into standard aluminum-based cockpits, providing unshakable stability and an exciting virtual racing experience.

Own software – even the most advanced hardware is nothing without good software

Qubic Manager is an in-house professional and specialized motion platform software. It’s plug-and-play compatible with all major racing and flying titles on PC and is constantly updated to support new titles as they are released. Qubic Manager is a powerful yet easy-to-use engine that allows you to adjust motion planes, bumps, roll and tilt angles with a single click of the mouse. This software is suitable for users of all experience levels. It has an intuitive interface with clear menus and a setup guide for beginners. Quick start wizards and predefined profiles simplify initial configuration. Troubleshooting guides help with common problems.

Advanced users benefit from a detailed editor, scripting support, and multi-device integration options. The software can be seamlessly integrated with QS products, thus expanding functionality. A lively online community shares tips and scripts for collaboration. Developed for ten years, this software supports both beginners and experts. It is a versatile tool for increasing productivity, automation and control with a strong Qubic ecosystem.

VR ready – seamless virtual reality with motion compensation

Qubic Manager software is ready for virtual reality. This means that thanks to perfect compatibility with VR technology, users can enjoy a complete and authentic simulation experience without any integration problems. With Qubic System’s VR Ready software, simulations become more immersive than ever before. Realistic sound effects, seamless movements and flawless synchronization with visual elements ensure unforgettable journeys into the virtual world. The entire experience becomes smooth and effortless, allowing users to focus on the actual feel rather than technical intricacies. The Qubic system redefines simulations and enables entry into a new dimension of simulated travel through the integrated VR HeadWay 2.0 functionality.

Responsive Revolution – linear actuators with latency less than 8 ms.

Low latency in sim racing is crucial for several reasons:

  • Realism: Simracing aims to replicate real racing as realistically as possible. Low latency ensures the virtual car responds in real time, improving racing immersion by mimicking the responsiveness of a real car.
  • Precise Controls: Racing games require precise control over steering, braking and acceleration. Low latency ensures minimal delay in transmitting your inputs into the game, allowing for precise and responsive controls, especially during fast-paced races.
  • Safety: Accidents can happen during sim racing. Low latency allows for quick reactions to route changes, reducing the risk of collisions or loss of control.
  • Competitive advantage: In sim racing competitions, milliseconds matter. Low latency setups give drivers a competitive advantage by enabling faster reactions and split-second decisions.
  • Real-time feedback: Low latency enables instant feedback from input devices, helping drivers understand their vehicle’s behavior and make adjustments during the race.
  • Consistency: Minimal lag ensures consistent lap times and performance, allowing simulants to perform precise maneuvers consistently.
  • Improved Experience: Low latency complements the high-quality hardware and software, ensuring a seamless interface and an enjoyable racing experience.
  • Training and Skill Development: Simracing serves as a training tool for real racing. Low latency allows drivers to practice and refine their skills in a realistic virtual environment, which translates into improved performance on the track.

Qubic ecosystem – everything from a single source

The Qubic ecosystem includes a collection of different products and software to control all devices, including third-party accessories. Within this product ecosystem, a series of motion systems have been developed that work together to provide a seamless and integrated racing experience.

The 3DoF linear actuator set is a perfect motion base for the QS-CH1 cockpit and most aluminum profile based cockpits (with brackets) available in the world market. The concept of the Qubic System product and software ecosystem emphasizes the idea that the entire system works synergistically to provide the user with increased value and functionality.

Scope of delivery:


  • 2 x linear actuators and power cabinet, brackets and accessories
  • 1 x motion controller


  • 4x – linear actuator with stabilization plates
  • 2x – power cabinet (control module)
  • 8x – mounting brackets
  • 1x – motion lock cable (up-link/down-link) – 2 m long
  • 1x – power cable

Box dimensions:

  • 71cm x 53cm x 16cm | 27.9 in x 20.9 in x 6.3 in

Weight of the box:

  • 30kg| 66.14 lbs

QS-MC6 control unit set:

  • 1x – motion lock with additional 2 m long cable
  • 1x – M-BUS terminator
  • 1x – 0.5 m long cable (USB micro B)
  • 1x – patch cord cable – 2 m long

Box dimensions:

  • 20cm x 20cm x 13cm | 7.9 in x 7.9 in x 5.1 in

Weight of the box:

  • 1kg | 2.2lb

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