MOZA Universal HUB

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The MOZA Universal Hub can connect the MOZA FSR Formula Wheel, MOZA SR-P Lite pedals, and other upcoming products, such as the handbrake and shifter, directly to the PC.


Increased Compatibility
The MOZA Universal Hub now allows compatible MOZA RACING devices to work with other products outside of the MOZA ecosystem.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Body
The MOZA Universal Hub features an all-metal design with exceptional rigidity and durability.

Multiple Input Ports
4 Input Ports, including three expansion ports and one pedal port, allow the connection of multiple MOZA RACING devices to a single USB port.

Dual Power Supply System
The dual power supply system ensures the stable operation of power-consuming devices. The dual power supply system is recommended when connecting via USB 2.0.

Note: The base port on the hub is reserved for future use.



IMPORTANT: This Universal HUB from MOZA, is not like an USB hub, but it’ll only be needed to use MOZA Racing wheel like the FSR, with an other brand wheel base, like Fanatec or SimuCube.


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