MOZA TSW Truck Wheel

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Moza Racing TSW Truck Steering Wheel


Discover the MOZA TSW Truck Wheel, engineered for an unparalleled truck simulation experience.
With its classic four-spoke design and standard 400mm diameter, this wheel brings the authenticity of a truck’s control into your hands.
The rim, wrapped in hand-stitched microfiber leather, offers a blend of comfort and grip, while the aerospace-grade aluminum frame guarantees long-term durability. Equipped with customizable RGB buttons and LED lights, it allows for extensive personalization.
Compatibility with all MOZA bases, as well as third-party systems through a universal adapter, ensures a seamless fit into any setup. Enhanced by its high-strength steel construction and versatile adjustment options, the MOZA TSW Truck Wheel is the definitive choice for simulation enthusiasts seeking depth, functionality, and an immersive driving experience.




  • Size : 400mm
  • Wheel rim material : Aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Spoke and hub casing : Polymer composite
  • Short travel backlit buttons  :14
  • Aluminum thumbwheels : 2
  • Ultra-thin joysticks : 2
  • RGB LED Light Beads : 10
  • LED colors : 16.7 million
  • Intellgent telemetry : Supported
  • Release method : All-aluminum quick release
  • Communication method : Wireless and wired
  • Compatibility : Compatible with all MOZA bases, works with 3rd party bases via the MOZA hub.

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