MOZA Racing GS V2P GT Wheel (Leather)

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GS V2 New Version (GS V2P)

1.The shift reminder light is changed to a lamp bead
2. Rear shell shape and rigidity optimization
3. Replace with a small quick release to reduce weight


Dominate the track with MOZA GS GT Wheel, the ultimate sim racing steering wheel.

Experience luxury and comfort with the Microfiber Leather construction.

The stylish forged carbon fiber case ensures sturdiness without sacrificing aesthetics.

With magnetic and photoelectric sensors, every motion is flawlessly captured.

Enjoy the accuracy of its programmable mechanical keyboard buttons, and the seamless transitions provided by its customized quick-release offers.

Keep control over your race with the RGB shift indicator and push your experience beyond limits.



Grips Perforated Microfiber Leather
Wheel Rim & Face Plate Material 5mm-thick Forged Carbon Fiber
Shifter Paddle Material 3 mm-thick Forged Carbon Fibre
Size 300mm Diameter Standard Racing Wheel
Magnetic Shifter Paddles 2
Clutch Paddles 2
Luminous Mechanical Buttons 10
Thumb Encoders (depressible) 2
Rotary Encoders 5
LED Lamp Beads RGB 10
Choice of Colors 8
Intelligent Telemetry Yes
Light setting in MOZA Pit House Yes
Release Method All-aluminum MOZA Quick Release
Communication Methods Wireless and Wired
Paddle Sensor Non-contact Photoelectric Sensor
Dual Clutch Modes Combined Axis/Independent Axis/button


  • GS V2P Steering Wheel
  • Tool Kit: Hexagon screwdriver / Mute pad x 4
  • Portable cloth bag

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