MOZA Racing CS V2P Steering Wheel w/Dual Clutch

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CS V2 New Version (CS V2P)

1. The shift reminder light is changed to a lamp bead
2. Add dual clutch paddles
3. Buttons to add RGB lighting (same as RS)


Unleash your full potential on the track with the CS V2P and bring your racing experience to the next level.

Guaranteed durability and a sleek aesthetic thanks to its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame.

Customized Quick Release for easy installation and removal.

Featuring Carbon Fiber photoelectric shifter paddles for precise and responsive gear changes.

The RGB sequential shifter light indicator adds a dynamic touch to your racing setup.

Programmable mechanical key buttons to customize your controls to suit your preferences.



Grips Microfiber Leather
Face Plate Material Aluminum Alloy
Back Plate Material Aluminum Alloy
Shifter Material Forged Carbon Fiber
Size 13 Inches
Magnetic Shifters 2
Mechanical Key Buttons 6
Joysticks 2
Rotary Encoders 2
LED RGB Light Beads 10
Choice of Colors 7
Intelligent Telemetry Yes
Fully Adjustable RPM Leds through MOZA Pit House Supported
Release Method MOZA Quick Release
Communication Method Wireless
Shifter Sensor Non-contact Photoelectric Sensor



  • CS V2P Steering Wheel
  • Hexagon Wrench
  • Shifter Silence Pad*4
  • Shifter Booster block*2

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