MOZA R3 Bundle XBOX & PC(R3 Base, ES Wheel, SR-P Lite double Pedals, Table Clamp)

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MOZA’s First XBOX Licensed Racing Bundle

MOZA Racing have collaborated with Microsoft to create our first officially licensed, fully plug and play bundle for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.


Product Specifications of R3 Base

Platform: PC & Xbox
Drive Type: Direct Drive
Max Wheel Rotation: Limitless
Housing Material: Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black
Peak Torque: 3.9 Nm
Rated Power: 72W
Input Voltage: 110V~220V AC —>12V DC
Encoder Resolution: 15 bits
USB Refresh Rate: 1000Hz
APP Functionality: Supported
Quick Release: Supported
Connection Ports: Power, DC Input, Pedal, USB, Dash
Accessories: Manual and Warranty Card, Power Supply, Data Cable, Toolkit
Mounting Method: 4 holes on the bottom
Table Clamp: Included
Online Firmware Upgrade: Supported

Mobile App Control

Real time on the fly adjustments can be made using the MOZA mobile app including hassle free setup transfers to new devices.


Moza Racing ES Steering Wheel

With careful sewing and coating, our high-quality leather feels good to touch and for extended use. Right down to the skeleton, enjoy solid and sturdy aluminum alloy for maximum immersion. MOZA’s all aluminum, quick release system allows for effortless changing of wheel rims. Whether you are rallying or racing in F1, swap wheels in mere seconds. Every shift feels neat and clean using our all-aluminum design. 22 fully customizable buttons allow for racers to make all of the on-board adjustments they need while in the heat of battle. MOZA’s signature flow light design gives racers an immersive experience and ensures every shift is just right.

Specifications :

  • Grip Material : Microfiber Leather
  • Frame and Front Plate Material : Aluminum Alloy
  • Shifter Paddle Material : Aluminum Alloy
  • Size : 280mm wheel
  • Buttons : 22 Customizable Buttons
  • LED Lamp Beads RGB: 10
  • Shifter Paddles : 2
  • Knock-Down (K/D) Method : D1 spec quick release
  • Compatibility : R5, R9 V2 (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH R9 V1, R16 and R21)


MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals

    Pure, high-strength steel gives these pedals a rock-solid durability and feel. A high-precision Hall sensor ensures maximum stability and durability for your pedals, allowing for consistency and performance. Our anti-slip pad ensures that even if you do not have a full rig, you can still enjoy high-quality pedals! The anti-slip makes consistent braking and throttle control easy. For optimum ergonomics, pedals can be easily spaced and configured for maximum comfort and accessibility. Whether racers want to mount inverted pedals or have other ideas, our detachable design allows for home setups or professional simulator designs. Through MOZA Pit House, enjoy full customization to find the best throttle and braking method that works for you.


What’s Included

Brake, and Throttle, Base Plate x1, USB cable, Screw kit.

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