Race options


1. Race

Racing gives you the highest adrenaline pump you can get, your heart will beat fast and your hand will sweat.

race day consists of Practice time, Qualifing time were the fastest driver starts first on the grid. Then comes the Race, it can be number of laps or specific time.

Book a session and race against your friends in any track and car you wish.
from F1, F3, GT3, GT4, Porsche CUP, Ferrari Challenge, LMP, MX5, Mini, Historic and many-many more
You can also talk to each other during the race
Just ask us!


2. Practice

Practice makes perfect, its easy as it sounds!
Pick any car in any track and practice by doing repetative laps.
This is the best way to discover the best racing line, break point and car behavior. Test and find the perfect setup,
A must before a race!

3. Track Day

A track day is a fun way to test your car quickly and responsibly.

You can choose any Car usualy same category and drive around the track together with other drivers

It’s a great way to get familiarized with your car and track in traffic with passing opportunities.


4. Hot Lap

Try to break the record in 30 min and make the fastest lap using the same car at a specific track.
The fastest drivers are recorded and it’s up to you to beat their best lap time.
Try to climb up the ladder and be the fastest of them all. There will be special events and the fastest will win prizes.
It’s not easy …

5. Drift

Drifting isn’t at all about speed, it’s about control.

Drifting can be lots of fun, but also incredibly tricky to do.

Drifting is essentially maintaining control of the car while you intentionally over steer, giving you a very pleasing slip angle around corners.

It’s an extremely popular aspect of street racing culture in Japan.

Try it you will love it!