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The Alpha is the flagship direct-drive wheel base from Simagic. It comes with 15Nm of torque, delivered by a Servo Motor. The Alpha wheel base is equipped with the same quick-release used with the Simagic M-10 wheel base. This allows you to use any steering wheel with a 50mm or 70mm bolt pattern in conjunction with the Simagic wheels and button boxes. ​

The Simagic Alpha has FFB & Damper dial access on the fly while driving and its own bespoke software to dial-n your settings to your own personal preferences. Settings can also be saved into multiple profiles so you can create different profiles for drift, race and rally…or whatever you want!

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Direct drive from Simagic Alpha 15Nm

The Alpha is the direct drive of the demanding simracers. The top of the line force feedback base with direct drive technology. Its torque and precision will allow you to get the best out of your driving simulators in all situations.

Its management, thanks to Simagic manager, allows you to access the FFB & Damper dial while driving and adapt your settings to your personal preferences. Settings can also be saved in several profiles to create different profiles for drifting, track racing and rallying or specific to your favorite simu.

Direct drive Alpha Simagic, The top of the range with 15Nm of torque !


Wheelbase Specs

Tech specs :

  • Maximum torque of 15 Nm
  • CNC machined aluminum housing
  • 3-phase servo motor, designed by Simagic
  • 1 ms response
  • Optimized compact design (110 x 188 mm)
  • 3 CPU Tri-core Smart Base acceleration
  • Dedicated AI for force feedback optimization
  • Advanced compatibility with Simagic peripherals (sequential gearbox, pedal, handbrake…)
  • Computes up to 40,000 force feedback frequencies per second 
  • Data transmission up to 1 kilohertz
  • Exclusive setting for drift and rally modes
  • Minimum static force of 0.01 Nm
  • PC compatible only


Alpha Manager

Alpha Base Manual

Drilling Template

Compatibility List

iRacing Tuning Tutorial

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