SIMAGIC ALPHA Ultimate Wheel Base

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Direct drive from Simagic Alpha Ultimate 23 Nm

The Alpha Ultimate is the direct drive of no-compromise simracers. Top of the line force feedback bases with direct drive technology.
Its 23NM of torque and precision will allow you to get the most out of your driving simulators in any situation.The SimPro manager software, allows you to adapt the configuration of all your Simagic devices.
The settings can also be saved in several profiles (cloud) to create different profiles for drifting, track racing and rallying or specific to your favorite simu.

Direct drive Alpha Ultimate Simagic, excellence!

Wheelbase Specs

Tech specs :

  • Maximum torque of 23 Nm
  • CNC machined aluminum housing
  • 3-phase servo motor, designed by Simagic
  • 1 ms response
  • Optimized compact design (110 x 188 mm)
  • 3 CPU Tri-core Smart Base acceleration
  • Dedicated AI for force feedback optimization
  • Advanced compatibility with Simagic peripherals (sequential gearbox, pedal, handbrake…)
  • Computes up to 40,000 force feedback frequencies per second 
  • USB port for Simagic peripherals
  • Kill switch included
  • Minimum static force of 0.01 Nm
  • PC compatible only


Alpha Manager

Alpha U Base Manual

Alpha installation tutorial


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