MOZA CRP Load Cell Three Pedals with Base

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MOZA CRP 3 Pedals. Testing Handled by Experienced Drivers

Moza Racing is in the business of developing quality sim racing products that racers can trust and rely upon for endurance. R&D is conducted by professional engineers experienced in the field of racing simulation. Feedback from professional and amateur sim racers helps our engineers evaluate and deliver a high-quality sim racing experience.

  • Stiffer or softer, it is easy to change the resistance of the pedals. A driver can create the perfect pedal feel using the included springs and damping blocks.
  • 3-stage clutch is a serious piece of sim racing equipment. There are three different clutch travel “stages”. The 1st Stage provides less starting resistance. The 2nd stage the resistance will sharply increase, like a clutch disc spring. The 3rd stage the resistance will drop off. .
  • The CRP Pedals feature Moza’s Mpressure. A high precision load cell sensor offering the most accurate way to measure applied force. Potentiometer-based pedals are inconstant in measuring applied force. And when it comes to shaving seconds off a lap time, a driver needs to haver precise control. .
  • Almost every part of the CRP is made of CNC aluminum alloy. Offering the driver, a solidly built, durable platform that can handle the brake stomps, and the quick foot work on the throttle.
  • The organ-type accelerator pedal allows the driver’s foot and pedal to follow the same trajectory. Which makes throttle control easier and more accurate.
  • MOZA’s patented pedal angle adjustment structure, allows for a wide range of adjustments. So, a driver can get that perfect pedal fit.
  • CRP Pedals are compatible with other products as you can use them with USB together with any other brand.
  • Fully compatible with all RSeat cockpits.


  • Overall material : All aluminum alloy with CNC process
  • Connection type : USB
  • Platform : PC (Windows)
  • Load cell: 1500N/750N
  • The actual maximum monitoring force of the brake : 750N/375N
  • Throttle form : Organ floor type
  • Pedal force : Adjustable
  • Pedal face angle : Adjustable
  • Pedal distance : Adjustable
  • Pedal Flush : Adjustable
  • Pedal stroke : Adjustable
  • Size : 364mm*415.1mm*256.5mm
  • Mass : 7.5KG

What’s Included

Clutch, Brake, and Throttle, Base Plate x1, USB cable, Screw kit (M8*12 Bolt x 28; M4*22 Screw x2; ), Open spanner x1, 5mm spanner x1, 4mm spanner x1, 3mm spanner x1, Brake rubber spring x2, Brake compression spring x1.

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