GSI Formula Pro Elite “Crimson” Dual Clutch

The Formula Pro Elite is a full featured sim steering wheel. Using only the finest materials and construction the feeling is nothing short of rock solid immersion. No flex, no compromises. The wheel comes with a full color high resolution USBD480 screen that can be used with all of today’s popular sim software. The magnetic gear shifters are constructed out of a solid block of 6061 aluminum and provide a crisp and tactile feedback on up and down shifts. The wheel consists of 3 core materials. 5mm Carbon Fiber in Matte Twill, 6061 Aluminum body parts and direct injection silicone rubber handles for maximum grip and comfort.

1,450.00 (incl. VAT)

In stock

In stock



5mm Thick Carbon Fiber Face Plate
310mm Diameter
70mm threaded bolt pattern
Connection via USB
USBD480 Screen
7 Way Funky Switch
10 momentary buttons
5 Rotary Encoders
Aluminum Magnetic Shifters

Each wheel comes with an extra sheet of both rotary labels and button labels.

Compatible with Simucube, VRS, Accuforce and Fanatec DD bases. (Fanatec Podium Hub, Accuforce QR are needed for those bases per manufacture)

Does not include AH50 hub pictured in rear photo.

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